What Type Of Tea Caddy Or Tea Canister Can Keep Tea Freshness

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What Type Of Tea Caddy Or Tea Canister Can Keep Tea Freshness

How to keep freshness of your loose leaf tea?

Oolong tea canister made by pewter    In order to keep freshness of your valuable tea, Pewter made tea container is the best choic for you. Some people call it tea container, or tea caddies, but their purposes are the same. However, different teas require a different canister. My whole time best tea canister is made by Royal Selangor. It's products are made by pewter and it has varieties of pewter tea canisters or tea caddies. *** You can click here to know more about pewter. More importantly, Royal Selangor products are FDA compliant. 

How to keep freshness of green tea.

Usually, when you buy green tea from any tea houses, they always keep them in the refrigerator. Why would they do that? Sellers want to keep the freshness of the green tea for longer time because spring tea harvested in April. However, clients want to buy in December. Therefore, a refrigerator is needed.. But, the question is, do you need to keep it in the refridgerator? 

The answer is yes if you buy a large quantity like 1 or 2 kilograms or even 5 and you won't be able to finish them within a few months time. Then you better keep your precious tea in the refrigerator. Otherwise, a pewter tea canister is the best option for your precious green tea

Why pewter canister is so good for green tea? It is because it provides a steady cool environment for tea to sit in. An air tight canister can keep the fragrance and the aromatic incense inside. If you don't open the cap, your tea can sit in there for years. 

The following pictures are an antique pewter canister for oolong tea which has 78 years of age.

 pewter canister pewter canister

tea canister cap made by pewter   pewter canister top view


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