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my first talk

let's chit chat on tea drinking

tea brewingHi everyone, this is Derek, my first first first blog. I am a tea blogger, obviously going to be. I am running a tea house in Hong Kong for years. My tea house has been established for over 70 years. Actually it is started by my grandpa in 1938. Therefore, i grown up around with teas. I never say i am an expert, but i do have many experiences on tea drinking. I drink the highest quality as well as the cheapest one (for restaurant use) :( .


have you ever found difficulties on tea making?  Why it is not the same taste when i tried in the tea house? the sales swapped the lower grade tea when i was on the phone? ...

let me tell you. There are a few things which affect the tea's quality.

First, storage with the right tea canister

  • It is very important to storage your tea in the right condition. Usually, the tea sellers won't tell you how to keep the tea. People will just store in the jar, the fridge, a can or etc.

Second, how long do you brew the tea?

  • timing plays a big role in tea brewing. I will elaborate more on this topic later on.  

    Third, tea brewing temperature

    • if you search on the net, it always tell you 80 degrees for that tea, 84 for this, 90 for that... is it true??
    • NO TIMER is needed 



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