2003 Fermented Pu erh Bricks (ripe)

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2003 fermented pu erh tea has been settled in our dry warehouse. Its net weight was 250 grams. However, after all these years, it's weight has reduced to 240 grams. It has a high pu erh fragrance after brew. A perfect tea for those who like to start drinking pu erh.

  • Significant pu erh flavor 
  • Easy to drink, suitable for those who want to start drinking pu erh 
  • Good for daily drinking
  • Year 2003 fermented pu erh black tea (puer tea)
  • Dry Storage in KHC Hong Kong warehouse 
     Net Weight and Dimension:

    240 grams

    152mm (L) X 140mm (H) X 25mm (D)


      ► How much tea do you need?
      • An average ideal amount of tea for one person is 10 grams
      • However, we use 15 -20 grams for 4 persons instead of 40 grams.
      • Brewing time can affect the tea concentration, longer the stronger
      • For daily use, 200 grams of tea can last for 20 days
      One minute brewing method:
      1) add 8-12 grams of tea into a 120 ml teapot
      2) rinse it with hot water
      3) add hot water again and brew it for 1 minute max.  (can adjust the concentration by reducing or increasing brewing time)
      4) Ready to drink and enjoy.
      5) can repeat the above process for 8 times