Homemade Chaozhou Style MEDIUM roasted Tieguanyin Iron Buddha

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Homemade Chaozhou Style 


Medium Roasted Tieguanyin Iron Buddha

This is a special chaozhou style oolong tea. It is roasted in high temperature which leads to becoming a strong smokey flavor with tremendous after taste. We roasted this tea ourselves. This special roasting method has been inherited in the family for almost 100 years.

For those people who love tea with a little stronger after taste. This medium roasting Tieguanyin (Iron Budda) is the best choice for you.


**** please note that medium roasted oolong is less strong than the heavy roasted. The smokey scent and after taste is much weaker.



  • A good tea for Diet
  • Slimming, Diuretic and Detox
  • Medium roasted, homemade
  • Traditional Chaozhou style
  • Strong after taste
  • "Espresso" of authentic chinese tea
  • Perfect tea after greasy food
roasted oolong tea chaozhou style Homemade Chaozhou Style medium roasted Oolong tearoasted oolong tea chaozhou style
How much tea do you need?
  • An average ideal amount of tea for one person is 10 grams
  • However, we use 15 -20 grams for 4 persons instead of 40 grams.
  • Brewing time can affect the tea concentration, longer the stronger
  • For daily use, 200 grams of tea can last for 20 days

        40 seconds brewing method:
        1) add 8-12 grams of tea into a 120 ml teapot
        2) rinse it with hot water
        3) add hot water again and brew it for 30 seconds max.  (can adjust the concentration by reducing or increasing brewing time)
        4) Ready to drink and enjoy.
        Can repeat the above process for about 5 times.