Imperial Jasmine Pearl Green Tea (Dragon Pearl Jasmine)

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Also known as Dragon Pearl Jasmine Tea, it is a modern type of jasmine without bitter taste. 

  • 5 times scented with jasmine blossom
  • hand rolled

Relax and enjoy fragrance jasmine peral green tea. 

An experience with no bitter taste of Jasmine


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► How much tea do you need?
  • An average ideal amount of tea for one person is 10 grams
  • However, we use 15 -20 grams for 4 persons instead of 40 grams.
  • Brewing time can affect the tea concentration, longer the stronger
  • For daily use, 200 grams of tea can last for 20 days


      One minute brewing method:
      1) add 8-12 grams of tea into a 120 ml teapot
      2) rinse it with hot water
      3) add hot water again and brew it for 1 minute max.  (can adjust the concentration by reducing or increasing brewing time)
      4) Ready to drink and enjoy.