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A remarkable great name of Puerh Tea "Tong Qing 同慶號"

A remarkable great name of Puerh Tea "Tong Qing 同慶號"


A remarkable Puerh in tea history, Tong Qing 同慶號.

     Yiwu town, the entrance of the great six tea mountains.It is located in one of the six mountains called Mansha mountain, also called Yiwu mountain. According to the famous "Pu erh Tea Note" from Qing Dynasty, teas from Yiwu mountain are mostly for tribute. In the late Qing Dynasty, tea traders began to build their factory in Yiwu town. During to the high demand and competitive, better tea process technology had been developed. Therefore, production of pu erh from Yiwu was the greatest and quality was No.1 among all. Many tea traders boosted their sales by putting "shop opens on Yiwu street".

"Tong Qing 同慶號" was established in 1736, it was the largest and highest production tea factory. It was one of the longest tea shop in puerh tea history, more or less 200 years. The label (left) had been used almost for 200 years until early 1920s and label (right) afterward until the People's Republic of China owed all the tea factory in Yunan.




Can you get a piece of it?

It is quite difficult to get one nowadays. There are so many replica in the market. I can recall that there was a deal made in 2005 at the price USD $38900.00. What a price!!!!


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