Neutralize 99.96% of viruses! Is "tea" effective for influenza prevention? (English Version)

Neutralize 99.96% of viruses! Is "tea" effective for influenza prevention? (English Version)

In 2019, the era of Heisei is finally over in a few months, and it is time to start a new era. However, in late January and February, the flu season is rampant. In fact, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare continues to warn and warn of influenza.

 However, in the meantime, I got information that tea could be most effective in preventing influenza.

Prove by experiment! Neutralize 99.96% of influenza viruses!

 The answer was a doctor who had been drinking black tea for over 12 years and had never suffered a common cold, not only influenza, during which time he was a vice director of Ishihara Clinic. Ina) Teacher.

 First, I asked why black tea can be effective in preventing influenza.

"It's only natural that everyone is drinking it, so it's natural to ask such simple questions. The secret lies in the power of black tea polyphenols in black tea."

 Polyphenol is a component of bitterness and pigment that most plants have. It is said that there are over 5,000 species in nature and has strong antioxidant activity. It is a substance that plants create themselves to survive in nature by converting harmful substances harmlessly.

"The influenza virus has spines on its surface made of protruding proteins called spikes, which attach to the respiratory mucous membranes, such as the throat and nose, and invade the body to cause various symptoms. But black tea polyphenols have the ability to neutralize spikes and lose their ability to attach to cells in the respiratory mucosa. ''

 Black tea polyphenols are red-orange polyphenols such as theaflavin and thealvidin. Although there are some differences in the content depending on the type of tea leaves, it has been found that drinking any type of tea leaves neutralizes the influenza virus spike. Then, since the virus loses its ability to infect cells, it can be expected that infection of humans can be prevented.

Without tea

Condition after adding tea

"There is an experiment that Mr. Noritsu Mitsui has confirmed the effect of black tea to neutralize the influenza virus. Put the influenza virus in a test tube, mix the test solution there and react for 30 seconds, and then use animal cells to infect Is the number of remaining viruses. If nothing is added to the virus, white dots appear as shown in the picture on the left and infectious virus appears. Adding 2g of tea leaves from a commercial tea bag and extracting the tea for 1 minute to room temperature and mixing the test solution with the virus reduced the virus by 99.96%. "

 This is the power of black tea polyphenols. It is not only black tea that drinks containing polyphenols have antiviral effects, but also green tea catechins. But is. Among them, the most effective is black tea, which has been proven by research at Mitsui Norin. This is shown in the graph below. On the other hand, the fact that lactic acid bacteria, which are spreading as a measure against influenza, surprisingly have no direct effect on the virus is surprising.


Only 15 seconds to neutralize the virus!

"This is also experimental data from Mitsui Norin, but there is also comparative test data on the time to influenza virus disabling," says Ishihara.

 The graph above shows the results, which show that the time it takes for tea to quench the flu virus is only about 15 seconds. As you can see from the graph above, green tea is also short and effective, but not as good as black tea.

"So it's not that it's effective to drink at this time. It's a good idea to drink lightly throughout the day, especially after walking in crowds on the go and immediately after returning home It's good to drink, even if the virus has invaded the throat etc., it can quickly be neutralized. "

 We've also found that warm tea is more effective. However, if milk tea is used, precious black tea polyphenols will be taken into milk protein and will not function as a virus countermeasure. The most effective way to drink is a warm straight tea.

"Lemon, fruit, herbs, etc. can keep the effect. You can arrange it in various combinations and drink it with the feeling of enjoying the flu. Among them, I recommend the most It is ginger-containing black tea. "

 Ginger is known to have a high body warming effect. This is due to the action of gingerol and ginger all contained in ginger. It works by expanding blood vessels, improving blood flow, and warming the entire body.

"In addition, it has a function of keeping blood vessels healthy and has a blood smoothing effect. So, indirectly, it can be expected to be effective for symptoms such as blood clots and high blood pressure. When I recommended tea, I was pleased to say that Mukumi and my chronic headache were gone. ''

 It seems that ginger can be rubbed in or its juice can be added. If you want sweetness, add honey, brown sugar, and oligosaccharides. Their effects on the body are synergistically enhanced, making them delicious to drink.

The second and third cups of tea can be expected to work!

 Nowadays, they are generally brewed in handy tea bags. However, once brewed, it is almost always thrown away. However, as long as the color appears, even the second and third cups of tea can be expected to be effective against influenza virus.

"Once used, the tea leaves have a faint aroma and are not delicious. However, because the color still appears, black tea polyphenols such as theaflavin and thearuvidin remain. It ’s good to use it for ”

 The graph above compares the infected people in the group that “grew” tea and the group that did not “grew”, but you can see that those who performed tea suddenly had fewer cases.

 It has also been found that caffeine-less black tea has no difference in its ability to neutralize the influenza virus. It has been found that even one-tenth the concentration used for normal drinking is effective enough.

"In addition, it has been reported that black tea has the ability to control the rapid rise in blood sugar levels during and after meals, and to suppress the body's inflammatory response and fat absorption. It's definitely a drink. ''

 Drinking tea, in addition to vaccination, can be very effective in minimizing the possibility of influenza transmission. It's not too late, let's try to drink aggressively at once.

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