How to brew oolong tea

How to brew oolong tea

How to brew oolong tea?

There are three main types of oolong tea in our shop.

  • Light Fragrance
  • Medium Roasted
  • Heavy Roasted (Chaozhou Style also called Gong Fu Cha)

Light Fragrance

Light fragrance oolong

Medium Roasted 

Medium Roasted Oolong

Heavy Roasted 

Heavy Roasted Oolong
light fragrance oolongAs you can see the light fragrance oolong is the most green in color. It has a significant flowery aroma. It has a very light yellow to green color after brewing and it has no bitterness even if brewed for a longer time. The aftertaste is weak but it gives a very nice refreshing feel. 

medium roasted oolongThe medium roasted oolong is very different. Although its color looks green if you look carefully. You will notice that there is some darker tea. It is not because we blended with 2 types of teas. It has been roasted by our experts. The color of tea after brewing is in brownish. The aftertaste is much stronger. You can repeat the brewing for more times.


heavy roasted oolongHeavy Roasted oolong also known as Gong Fu Cha, it has been roasted at high temperature. It takes about 1 month to get it done. It has a strong smokey taste. The color in the first brew is in dark brown. This is the traditional way of Chaozhou people drinking Gong Fu Cha. 


Brewing Method:

  1. 8-12 grams of tea leaves in 150 ml teapot. 
  2. use boiling water 95-100 degree Celsius.
  3. rinse the tea with hot water
  4. brewing for 30-60 seconds 
  5. served and enjoyed

* Please note that light oolong doesn't give a strong aftertaste even if brewed for more than a minute. However, roasted oolong gives a strong smokey taste. 


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