Do you wanna lose some weight by drinking Pu erh tea?

Do you wanna lose some weight by drinking Pu erh tea?

Do you wanna lose some weight by drinking Pu erh tea?

I have been talking about what is Pu erh in the previous post, "What are the health benefits of drinking pu erh tea?" Now, everyone who has read my post or from other sources already know that Pu erh has so much health benefits. One of the most popular benefits is reduce fat and weight loss. Let me try to elaborate more on it.

non-fermented aged pu erh cakesnon-fermented aged pu erhnon-fermented aged pu erh

Proper way to lose weight by drinking Pu erh tea?

  1. First of all, you need to know what type of pu erh tea you need, non-fermented or fermented?
  • Non-fermented
    • Some people call it raw. Non-fermented tea is naturally stored in a tea storage area for years. Depending on storage time (years), it will affect the taste. The younger the tea, the bitter it is. This bitter taste is very strong, it stimulates your stomach. In fact, it's very effective on cleaning intestine, reduce cholesterol level, reduce blood pressure, reduce fat and lose some weight. However, it is not good for pregnant and people who has stomach problem. A non-fermented pu erh tea cake requires 10 to 15 years to reduce the strength of bitter taste and a good quality aged pu erh always stored for at least 20 years. In spite of the long storage time, non-fermented pu erh is everyone desires.
  • Fermented 
    • Some people call it ripe. Obviously it has to go through a fermentation process. It is an artificial process to solve the long timing problem of the natural fermentation. It is a rapid aging process. Because of the fermentation, it reduces the fragrance of the pu erh as well as the bitter taste. However it does not diminish the benefits of pu erh.
2. Either you wanna go for fermented or non-fermented, make sure you have to take it with food or snacks. Never take it with empty stomach. Pu erh helps digestion. If you got nothing in your stomach, what's gonna be digested? Although pu erh isn't acid, it won't melt your stomach, but it will hurt your stomach in the long run.
3. When would be the best time to drink pu erh for lose weight? 
I'd say, after your breakfast but not after supper or anytime after 8pm. Why? As previous mentioned, you need to fill up your stomach before drinking. Also, pu erh is kind of diuretic. It makes you go washroom (pee) more often than drinking water. If you drink it late at night, then you might keep waking up for washroom. It affects your sleeping quality so that slow down metabolism. 


 So, how much tea leaves do we need?

Approximately, 10-15 grams a day. Use the one-minute brewing method. You can repeat the brewing process for many times. For example, Year 2001 Non-fermented Pu erh Tea, it can brew up to 10 times.

One Minute Brewing Method applies to 120 ml teapots or tea cups.

  1. rinse the tea leaves with boiling water
  2. add boiling water again and brew it for max. 1 minute
  3. pour it to another container and serve to another cup/cups. (Do not soak the tea)
  4. enjoy.


Pu erh is not herbs or medicine. It helps your digestion, a light detox, reduce blood pressure, weight loss and etc. However it needs a regular routine in order to gain the benefits from it.


I am a 6 foot 4 man, 207 lbs, who has been drinking Pu erh tea and other teas for over 40 years. 

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