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What is Pu erh tea? As you may know, pu erh tea health benefits has been touted for centuries throughout mainland China. It is harvested in different regions of Yunan province, Yi Wu, Meng Hai…etc.  It is the most oxidized form of tea, usually aged for years, the longer it is aged. The more expensive it is. There are two different types of Pu erh, raw and ripe. Some say fermented and non-fermented. Benefits of Pu erh Lower bad cholesterol levels --- Acoording to the study in Wun-Shan Branch, Tea Research and Extension Station, Taipei, Taiwan, it shows that Pu erh can...

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How to keep freshness of your loose leaf tea?    In order to keep freshness of your valuable tea, Pewter made tea container is the best choic for you. Some people call it tea container, or tea caddies, but their purposes are the same. However, different teas require a different canister. My whole time best tea canister is made by Royal Selangor. It's products are made by pewter and it has varieties of pewter tea canisters or tea caddies. *** You can click here to know more about pewter. More importantly, Royal Selangor products are FDA compliant.  How to keep freshness of green tea. longjing...

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let's chit chat on tea drinking Hi everyone, this is Derek, my first first first blog. I am a tea blogger, obviously going to be. I am running a tea house in Hong Kong for years. My tea house has been established for over 70 years. Actually it is started by my grandpa in 1938. Therefore, i grown up around with teas. I never say i am an expert, but i do have many experiences on tea drinking. I drink the highest quality as well as the cheapest one (for restaurant use) :( .   have you ever found difficulties...

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